Sunday, November 25, 2012

Bike Like An Entrepreneur

 Assuming you know how to bike, can you imagine learning to do so by reading some books, watching some movies, and listening to a bunch of lectures by some of the most prominent bikers of the time? Exactly! You cannot learn how to bike unless you jump on a bike with some training wheels and then over time start taking off those training wheels.

The same is true of entrepreneurship. Entrepreneurship is a skill, and skills are acquired through practice. There is simply no shortcut around it. Desiring a shortcut, in fact, would mean you are missing the whole point. It is like wanting to know how to ride a bike without having to ride a bike.

And for those of you who already know how to ride a bike, don't be overconfident about your skills. There is still a lot all of us can learn as the below psychology experiment which I just failed demonstrates (excerpt and photos are from May 9, 2012 YANSS Blog):

Take a look at those bicycles at the top of this post. Which one would you say is the most accurate portrayal of a real bike? Psychologist Rebecca Lawson once put together a study that revealed even though most people are very familiar with bicycles and know how to ride them, they can’t draw one to save their lives, and they can’t even pick a proper one out of a lineup. Despite this, most people rate their knowledge of how a bicycle works as being very good. Remember that when someone claims to understand something a bit more complicated, like a sub-prime mortgage. (This is a picture of a real bicycle.)

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