Monday, October 10, 2011

Steve Jobs: The Founder Archetype

I started this post with a list of my top 10 favorite things about Steve Jobs, but soon realized that any such attempt is futile at best. As the Da Vinci of our time, Steve Jobs' accomplishments were not limited to a set of inventions, principles, or theories. They spanned multiple disciplines (comp sci and art, for example), multiple decades (starting with the 80's, remember the original Mac?), and will have far reaching implications into the future (wearable computing, for instance).

But the one thing that will make him forever immortal, IMHO, is the fact that he has established himself as the "Founder Archetype" for as long as entrepreneurship will exist. His passion, ambition, perseverance, dedication and determination will be that which all founders will be judged by and compared against. He has truly upped the game for all of us; and that maybe his greatest legacy!

P.S. For some inspiration on how others are preparing themselves for this challenge, you may want to read and follow #LiveLikeSteve

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