Monday, November 22, 2010

Zen and the Art of the Start

Although I am at a loss when it comes to giving a prescription for how to become a successful entrepreneur, I can give it a description based on my observations of a few of my personal heroes: And it is that all successful entrepreneurs seem to be quite Zen!
The way I understand it, the mastery of Zen comes from an acceptance of the way things are, and embracing all contradictions inherent in our human condition, thereby becoming a catalyst of what has always meant to be. A Zen artist enables the manifestation of joy, happiness and beauty in the world. A Zen warrior fights the just cause in many instances without engaging in a single battle. And a Zen entrepreneur succeeds in changing the world without forcing any changes upon it. It is being a walking contradiction that makes sense: actively forcing your mind to be passive, so that life experiences are not tainted by the prejudices, fears and judgments of the mind. It is setting your ego aside, so that something much much bigger can inspire and drive your actions.

As an entrepreneur, you are constantly struggling with sanity and insanity, creation and destruction, calm and anger, fast and slow, among many other things. But unlike the acrobat or tightrope walker who tries to achieve a balancing act by using opposing forces to neutralize each other, great entrepreneurs embrace the extremes and create a union from these seemingly un-unitable forces that is a much stronger creative force than any extremist could achieve. Thus, the successful entrepreneurs seem to have a mastery of how the flow of life comes from a union of Yin and Yang, which is the essence of Zen.

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