Sunday, September 19, 2010


I know, I know, I know... I have been a very bad blogger... It has been over 3 months since my last post, and I gave no forewarning about this absence, nor offered any interim details. And as we all know, these are all indeed very big blogging sins!

I know excuses are a dime a dozen, but in my Apologia suffice it to say that a combination of personal and professional obligations made it extremely hard to even find 5 minutes of free time to write something down without feeling extremely guilty about neglecting one of the two aforementioned obligations. So blogging was competing in time with other daily necessities, like sleep, shower, gym (and my Doctor gave me an earful about the last one on Friday).

So, I am hoping now to get back on track with resuming my semi-routine of posting at least something substantive per month.

So, thank you for reading and your understanding :)


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